Lead effectively and manage efficiently – with social skills in dynamic environments

Expertise in Finance

Simple answers can quickly lead to expensive mistakes in complex environments like finance – and are therefore not an option. Relevant professional experience, a knowledge of regulations and an understanding of interrelationships are key success factors when exercising responsibility.

By adopting an approach that “There’s always another option”, on closer examination ostensible constraints can often be shifted revealing new feasible lines of action. There are nonetheless still better solutions than the ones that appear to be immovable. And this can really change the reality.

It is precisely on this basis that I grasp commercial reorganisational opportunities for my clients – from analysis to consultation and implementation.

As a Change Manager and Restructurer I set about accomplishing change in a company away from its day-to-day business.

Your specific needs define my role. I can deliver as:

Interim CFO & Interim Executive Finance

Project Manager and Change Manager


  • Head of commercial departments, especially Finance
  • Assumption of first and second-tier management roles
  • Development and implementation of programs and transformation agendas
  • Optimisation processes
  • Lasting improvement of results
  • Corporate transactions (M&A)
  • Lean management / Transaction cost analysis
  • Control of other complex projects
  • For companies in a state of upheaval or crisis situations
  • Restructuring/Turnaround
  • Optimisation of internal business processes
  • Realisation of potential synergies
  • Financial and labor law restructuring operations

For whom am I the right contact?

My services are targeted first and foremost at mid-sized to large companies, as well as smaller groups and sub-groups of international corporations in the automotive, services and retail sectors.

My clients are shareholders of companies, Supervisory Boards or Advisory Boards, representatives of banks, financial investors or private equity portfolio companies, as well as CEOs and CFOs. However, my experience of working in private equity is also much appreciated by family-owned companies.

My own competence network

I can call on a network of professional, highly specialised skilled experts with whom I have been working for some years and whose knowledge, skills, personality and connections I can bring to your project, if needed and requested, to take on work that I am unable to provide myself.

In this context, I cooperate with a few selected partners, whose experience and reliability I particularly value. My network includes tax consultants, auditors, corporate and contract law attorneys, employment lawyers, coaches and business mediators, specialist corporate consultants and investment bankers.

I can assure you of the best possible quality of implementation and project success through my effective cooperation with this network.