I provide orientation with my attitude and values

Because everyone knows what’s what, everyone can help each other

My management approach is open, clear and consistent

It is my understanding and experience that it is not enough to make decisions and announce them in the company.

The following considerations, on which I base my daily work, play a far greater role in the successful management and implementation of projects:

  • Optimum time management
  • A fundamentally positive attitude towards people
  • Bringing about change together
  • Constructive handling of stress and conflict
  • Effectively managed staff appraisals


Fundamentally, it is about concentrating on the essentials, clarity and consequence. This helps me to lay down the foundations for constructive cooperation, good results and success.

  • “My management philosophy is geared to respect and cooperation, as well as to decency and morality.”

    Heinz Rotzoll

Success is “what matters”.

A matter of negotiation? Yes, but this is what managers are paid for.

My entire work concentrates on achieving results that meet your expectations. I focus on the essentials and specifically make use of the strengths of employees to achieve this. I empower them to achieve exceptional performance by aligning talents to tasks.

As a sober realist, I approach problems and critical situations with a fundamentally positive and constructive approach. This allows me to identify and use opportunities that present themselves from a tricky or seemingly hopeless situation.

By doing so, I have achieved excellent successes in various management positions. Positive feedback that I have received from the people entrusted to me are the best acknowledgement of this. I am convinced of my management style.

Work ethic: organised, prudent and results-orientated.

I am convinced that it comes down to effectiveness and also efficiency particularly with financial issues, that is to say “doing the right things” and then “doing these things right”.

My management tools therefore include professionally led meetings, clear written communication and optimum time management.

Many of my clients appreciate me in my work as being

  • organised and structured
  • target- and results-orientated
  • persevering, resilient, willing to get involved
  • careful and precise
  • knowledgeable and reliable


I am happy to bring my excellent management efficiency, result-orientated work ethic and financial expertise to the table to solve the challenges in your company.